Strategy planning
You know what your goals are, but you don't know how to reach them? With the right strategy, we can make them easy to achieve.
Marketing strategy planning
Do you feel you could get more out of your company's communications? Ask us for advice, and together we'll take your marketing to the next level.
online marketing
Boost your online presence
Enhance your Online Presence and Drive Results! Whether you're seeking top-notch website design, expertly built webshops, or efficient social media management, we will work to ensure you get a substantial return on your investment.
marketing tanácsadás
All-round communication
Don't have the capacity or can't afford an in-house marketing person? You can have a complete marketing department for the cost of a minimum-wage employee.
teljeskörű kommunikáció
Start with us!
Planning a new business but don't have an idea for initial promotion? Do you already have a business but don't yet see how to impress your prospective clients and partners? Get your business off the ground with us!

Complex marketing support

We believe that the best results are achieved through planned, thoughtful, and well-coordinated communication.
Do you know what you want to achieve? More customers? Selling at a higher margin? Higher purchases? More products sold? Let's first define your goals and tailor your marketing strategy to them.
We work out how you can achieve your goals. We'll choose the communication channels and tools that best suit your target audience and quantify how every cent you spend on marketing will pay off.
We'll create your graphics and website, manage your Meta and Google campaigns, write your newsletters, and manage your social media pages. In other words, we'll handle all your marketing communications.
We'll bring your website to the top of the search engines, constantly fine-tune your campaigns, and maximize their performance. With the right optimisation, we'll make sure you get a return on your marketing investment.


Market research
Looking to enter a market but don't yet know your target market's needs and niches like the back of your hand? We will find out who your prospective customers are and why they will want to use your product or service.
Competitor analysis
Do you know who your competitors are? We will find them, analyse their marketing activities and tell you how to get ahead of them!
Marketing audit
Do you know which communication channels are most effective? What is worth spending more on and what is wasting your money? We'll audit your marketing activities to find out how you can be more effective.
Strategy planning
We plan how you will stand out from the competition. We'll work out who, what, how, and through which channels you communicate, all within a planned, measurable, and results-oriented framework.
Action plan preparation
We put your marketing strategy into an easy-to-implement framework. We'll detail who, what, when, and on which channels you communicate, planning your campaigns a year in advance.
Campaign planning
Why, for whom, when, what, where and for how much? These questions are answered in our campaign plan. Because profitable campaigns are based on careful planning.
Graphic Design
Do you need a logo, website design, banner, flyer, or a unified identity? We can do all your graphic design work, and if you need, we can handle the printing for you.
Training, Consulting
Not enough customers for your ads? Do you feel you could get more out of your company's communications? Ask us for advice, and together we can take your marketing to the next level.
Web development
We'll build a responsive, search engine-friendly website that you can be proud to represent your company. And a well-built website is not only stunning but also brings in more customers, and Google rewards you with cheaper advertising and better visibility.
Project communication
Because every tender needs help... We prepare the communication plan, organise the press event, and implement the communication you have committed to in your application. We monitor the activities and produce a report.
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Social Media Management
We create a monthly post plan for your social media pages, upload content, and moderate posts. We answer questions and engage with the community.
Ad management
We only advertise to your exact target audience, keeping advertising costs as low as possible. Ads appear in Google searches, on Social Media, and on websites that your customers trust.

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